Specialist Finance Introducer Awards

04 June 2019

Following on from the stellar event at Madison in 2018, the Specialist Finance Introducer Awards are returning for a fourth successive year.

Brought to you by the team behind Mortgage Introducer, the awards celebrate all that is great in the specialist sector.

In an ever-changing world, the real heroes of the specialist finance industry are those who keep well-informed, pay attention to the facts, stay positive and provide their clients with a complete and realistic outlook.

These are the champions of the finance industry – working together to reshape the future of the UK financial sector.

The Specialist Finance Introducer Awards are presented by Mortgage Introducer and sister publication Specialist Finance Introducer and are focused on rewarding excellence and thought leadership.

The rise of specialist finance shows that it is no longer just about servicing clients, but about being resilient to the adapting landscape and standing out from the crowd.

The Awards recognise, reward and celebrate the best and brightest of the UK Specialist Finance sector; individuals and businesses who are pushing boundaries, breaking down barriers and resetting the dial with innovation and professionalism.

Join us on the afternoon of Friday 28 June in empowering the thought leaders and game-changers. This is an opportunity to position your company at the forefront of the industry – a champion of champions.

We looking forward to sponsoring the prestige awards at the Madison St Pauls in London on 28th June.