Looking for Commercial Finance?

19 February 2014

NACFB Brokers are here to help

As finding funding for small business has become more difficult in the last few years, the advantages of using a broker to help fund your business has how become more important than ever and has been recognised at the highest possible level.

The NACFB work closely with the government and HM Treasury in sourcing not only High Street lending but alternative forms of finance to help SME’s across the UK.

The NACFB have access to a range of different facilities for small and medium sized businesses and SME’s throughout the UK. This includes commercial mortgages, leasing and asset finance, vehicle finance, buy to let and factorising and invoice discounting.

The benefits of using an NACFB Broker include:

–          Choice

–          Competition

–          Clarity

–          Presentation and packaging

–          Protection and Best Price

For further information, visit http://www.nacfb.org/