Landlords optimistic about residential BTL sector despite Brexit

26 June 2019

Almost two-thirds of UK landlords (64%) are optimistic about the residential BTL sector over the next three years, according to the latest research.

Cambridge & Counties Bank’s research revealed that 13% of landlords claimed to be very optimistic in terms of investment growth and yields.

  • 19% said they were looking to grow their portfolios by a third
  • 11% aimed to double their portfolios over the next three years
  • just 19% said they were looking to sell
  • 40% stated that Brexit was their top concern for the property sector, followed by rising interest rates (32%), a lack of confidence in the stability of lenders (32%) and rising levels of tax (32%)
  • 61% were optimistic about student accommodation in terms of growth

“In spite of Brexit worries, it is great to see that the overall outlook for the commercial property sector is one of optimism,” said Simon Lindley, chief commercial director at Cambridge & Counties Bank.

“At Cambridge & Counties Bank, we remain very much focused on supporting our clients with our comprehensive product suite and in doing so maintain our market-leading level of customer satisfaction.”