Heritage helps launch NACFB event

12 February 2014

Heritage Commercial Finance Ltd has teamed up with the NACFB and Towergate Insurance to launch their first Breakfast Seminar in Hull.

Located at The Village Hotel, Priory Park last week, the Seminar brought 200 local businesses and service providers to witness the benefit’s of alternative finance methods. Employee’s of Heritage Allison Lee and Emma Bird both organised the seminar to try and preach the benefits of the NACFB and more importantly how local businesses are able to access finance.

‘The seminar was a huge success’ said Allison Lee, Director of the company. ‘This was 1 of 5 seminars taking place round the country. It is fantastic to put Hull on the map and raise awareness about the finance that is available within the area’

Adam Tyler, CEO of the NACFB commented on the event and said: “It is great to have this message being spread far and wide, talking about the availability and choice in commercial funding today. And very encouraging to get over one hundred small business owners and industry professionals together. Everywhere we go it is always the same message from SMEs – “if only we had known about you”, whether it is Hull, Westminster, Belfast, Wales or Aberdeen. We have a job to do this year educating the country, and all our members will be sure to benefit if we do that job right.”

The event included a host of NACFB patrons including Heritage Commercial Finance Ltd, Close Brothers, Shawbrook, Investec and Bridgebank Capital.

Speakers of the event include Marcus Grimshaw, NACFB Chairman, Nick Simpson and John Phillips; Directors of the NACFB and Steve Johnson, a local economic professor form Hull University.

During the seminar, local businesses learnt of how accessing NACFB attributed brokers had become easier than ever, utilising the new findSMEfinance website that leads business directly to NACFB members.

Guests were also treated to a post-seminar surgery, featuring representatives from some of the patrons, answering questions on just how simple it has become to access finance within the area.

Speaking on the event, Allison Lee, Director at Heritage Commercial Finance, said: “Heritage has had a tremendous response and feedback from the well-received first event in Hull.

As Patrons of the NACFB we endeavour to support them and their members. It is clear that the message to SME’s, industry and professionals regarding access to funding is needed at all levels’ and we urge patrons and members help spread the word”

This event will now continue to go on throughout the Uk with the next location being Cardiff.

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