About us

Heritage Commercial Finance Limited is a self-funded family owned principal lender. We provide short term finance primarily to the bridging and development market.

Adapting to your Needs

Heritage started in 1972 as a family owned company, supporting the acquisition of assets and properties for growth within its sister companies. In 2011 the company decided to be an independent and was subsequently restructured, rebranded and launched into the open market. It quickly became clear that there was an increasing interest and demand for bridging and development finance and in response to feedback and research, Heritage rebranded for the final time.

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Our Approach

Heritage is driven by its client’s requirements. Rather than try to fit your needs into a pre-defined package, we structure a solution that is tailored to each individual case and your own specific circumstances.

When it comes to development and bridging finance, time is always of the essence, so our team endeavour to give quick, decisive decisions and guide the client through the process by constant communication and working closely with them.

As a family owned bridging and development lender, Heritage will consider properties from England, Wales and Scotland. If you’d like to speak to someone regarding our development and bridging loans, you can contact us on 01482 669333 or simply follow the links for more information.